In today’s highly competitive market, it is important to distinguish your company from others, and the Alain Grée property is the perfect choice to accomplish that.

Whether you would like to license the illustrations for the creation of character goods and merchandising, to support an advertising campaign or event, or to create a company mascot, the Alain Grée artwork will have a strong impact on the visibility of your products!

We also offer the illustrations for publishers to create new Alain Grée books. 

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Alain Grée and RicoBel


RicoBel (Norio Oseko) owns the exclusive worldwide property rights to the work of Alain Grée and is working closely together with the author to expand the license further and to create new and exciting products, that reflect the high quality standard of the illustrations.

We have a lot of archives which can be used in many different categories. Please feel free to contact us for further information.





1. Cute & cuddly characters

The main characteristics of the Alain Grée illustrations are the cute and colorful drawings, the cheerful image of the artwork makes them very suitable for a wide range of products.



Romeo alone



2. Appeals to children and adults

Alain Grée’s work is very likable and appeals to both children and adults because it combines cute drawings with amazing artistic qualities in his own unique style.



3. Long term exposure

The illustrations have a lot of history, as they were first created in the 1960s and 1970s. The entire property is available for the reissuing of children’s books, and with several titles reissued recently, this guarantees long-term exposure which adds to the recognizability of the characters.



4. Access to a rich inventory of illustrations

While most properties are based on one character, the Alain Grée property is a rich archive of thousands of illustrations and several important characters.
Licensees have access to this inventory with unlimited opportunities. This makes it easy to find the right image for any of your company needs.

In the forest


5. Illustrations with a strong impact

The simplicity of the artwork creates a strong impact : this signature style of the French artist, makes it possible to market the illustrations as a single brand.
The drawings have a vintage feel, are classic and will never go out of date.

Children dancing


6. High quality standards

As a licensee, you will benefit from the fact that the Alain Grée property always retains its high quality standard. As the sole worldwide licensor to the entire Alain Grée property, we are able to protect the high quality standard and maintain a positive image of his work throughout the world.